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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

D'you know what makes me completely INSANE?

What makes me gnash my teeth and want to PULL OUT MY HAIR? #*@&%(*U@ people who leave their #$(*@)(* shopping carts in the middle of the grocery store parking lot. People who can't walk 10 feet to the @*#*!#U@*$ cart corral to drop it off, so that, you know, others can drive through, or god forbid, actually PARK in the parking lot? I was just walking out of the grocery store and some Mensa member had left a cart sitting right behind my rear bumper. !! My car was literally 10 feet from the cart corral. 10 feet! GRRAAARRRRRGGGGHH. Excuse me. I have to go punch something.


Blogger NJMom72 said...

LOL! You know, my husband is a great one for doing that..too lazy to walk the cart back to the cart station! I tell him not to do it all the time but he still keeps on. Thanks for the chuckle, you have a great blog!

~ Susan

1:02 PM  

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